The patient always has access to their medication history and he can easily share it with pharmacists or doctors and give them a wider overview of medical conditions. Integration with online pharmacies - where the patient can gain a prescription for RX drugs and simply buy OTC drugs with flexible delivery options: same-day delivery, via vending machines, or on-site pick-up. We will also show you how a healthy lifestyle can cut down on your prescription drug spending and the six questions you need to ask your doctor about your medication. The patient will get notifications on the phone or smartwatch about worrying trends, and the need for a periodic check-up. Consultation with a pharmacist - In case of doubts about dosage or availability of medications, the patient can directly consult with the pharmacist via chat, messages, or phone. The shipment of prescription drugs from pharmacies outside the United States to customers in the United States typically violates the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and in the case of controlled prescription drugs , the Controlled Substances Act.

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